Amolto call Recorder is simple perfect tool software for Skype which allows you to record Skype conversations for free. Configuring this program is not hard at all as it is open to provide you with the best high quality sound formats when it comes to recording both video and audio Skype calls. Its performance is amazing with a simple interface and can easily be controlled. This app will start recording Skype calls immediately you begin a Skype call. It comes with a trial version which you can use to first test literally everything that is discussed here expect video recording because it not offered in that version. You will be able record both video and audio conversations using the paid version. It is also able to allow you add memos onto the already recorded Skype conversations.

Having said that, if you are a business person and maybe one day get interest in planning a Skype call interview or conference. You need to get the premium version for Amolto which will not make you miss out on recording that important interview you could have in the future plus screen sharing. With this, you will even manage to press the pause button in case of any emergence and when you resume, it will surely continue from where it got paused.

Features of Amolto

  • One of the most amazing features about Amolto is that it stores Skype recordings in MP3 format which is a good thing and it also allows different devices like cell phones etc.
  • With Amolto, you are able to record both incoming & outgoing calls for one or multiple users. It is so simple, you just have to install and automatic recording begins and it will capture all calls.
  • Amolto is useful because it guarantees status arrangement on headphone/ microphones.
  • And it really is wholly friendly to all users; the experience between new users and old users does not vary though, the reason why the developer recommends trying the free trial version before actually paying just to make sure it works for you perfectly.
  • And when using Amolto during a Skype conversation, you can simply forget it that it’s the one supporting the recording because it records your Skype calls in the background.


  • The free trial version is open to anybody
  • It supports group video recording calls
  • It is easy to use with a good designed interface


  • Prolonged calls are not supported.

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