Evaer Review

Evaer Review

Evaer Skype recorder software is a very simple task to record calls on your windows computer for free when using the trial version. This program is known for recording calls from your Skype chat client directly to your HD with remote-webcam-only mode, separate files, picture in picture etc. Evaer has an option to record Skype calls into MP4 files as well as supports screen sharing.

It automatically has everything done for you! But if you want to reset settings, you have got the options to manually set up everything that is automated like the auto record, voice mail, chat, auto stop recording etc.

Features of Evaer

  • Evaer allows you to record high quality calls and also will screen capture your original data, which is the most important thing when it comes to recording calls. I’m sure you want to go back to your recording and find audible voices.
  • Evaer is unique in its way; it is able to support sharing screen sessions and one Skype call recording (Video)
  • Evaer supports video review while in the process of recording which is not a very common feature you can just find with other Skype recorders.
  • Evaer helps you to swap the position of the video while recording on a certain mode e.g. picture-in-picture.
  • Sharing music during the Skype call is easier with Evaer, no more worries of thinking how you are going to share that beautiful music on your computer.
  • Evaer answers both Skype video and audio incoming calls. All you have to do when using this recorder is to talk.
  • Evaer replies or chats automatically to your contacts and will make an effort to will leave a text in case you have stepped away from your computer.


  • Record both Skype calls to your hard disk to be played in your free time.
  • It is free to down the trial version.
  • It provides different files like AVI or MP4, so you can choose where you would like to record Skype video calls from.
  • Allows you to record Skype calls by up to 10 ways.
  • Evaer requires minimal hardware to work with.
  • It records both video and audio.
  • There is a pause option.


  • With the trial version, you cannot download videos
  • It does not support formatting of videos after recording.
  • The trial version has limitations.
  • No control over audio and video quality.
  • There are no notifications.

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