iFree for Skype Review

iFree for Skype Review

iFree Skype Recorder is the first entirely free software to use in the world. This app will surprise you with what it is capable of doing unlike others. It lets you record Skype audio calls in high quality without limit at a free cost. iFree comes in three different settings; picture in picture,  Record audio only and Record other side only giving you all the options to choose what you prefer using.

iFree Skype holds a simple interface that makes it easy to record Skype calls. There absolutely no limitations here, you can spend the whole day recording conversations with friends until you drop. Download this app and Skype will launch itself the moment it recognises that the recorder is started. All in all choosing this application, you would have made a sensible choice for yourself.

Features of iFree

  1. There is an MP3 Player that is built in the app, it makes it really flexible for you to store those recording just by one click. So it’s time to start using iFree and save all the memories you have always to save.
  2. iFree being absolutely free gives people moral to use it. With this app on your computer, you will not regret anything because it will satisfy you in every way without spending any coin on it.
  3. Enjoy having automatic recordings all day everyday with iFree Recorder, not only does it offer you with automatic calls but also with the power to manage manual recordings, sometimes, you may feel like changing settings or may not be in the moods to record, all you do is go to manual settings and changed to preferred option.
  4. When using this program, you will have a peace of mind in whatever you do; it will help Chat Reply to your contacts when you are not available. Giving you all the freedom to never rush when doing other stuff because at the back of your mind, you know iFree is doing the job for you.
  5. Last but not least, you can go back to your history and track the calls recorded if you are trying to remember something.


Getting premium version is very expensive

It does not perform quite well when it comes to recording both sides’ Skype conversations (Audio and Video) simultaneously.

Sometimes your audio recordings might not come out as appreciable enough as expected because the program has no power over it.

You will not be notified during your call that you now recording because the software does not support it.

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