MP3 Skype Recorder is handy and freeware software for windows that records Skype conversations. The program is not really big so it takes up less space on your computer. It is software that will help you record all kinds of Skype interviews and Skype calls that you would find quite important to keep and be played in the future. This tool will not waste your time when it is time to record conversations because it automatically begins recording when you initiate a call and end it as well. So there won’t be too much effort added when you are using it. On the other hand, it records in the best high quality of sound, be it in Normal mode, organizes files accordingly and eventually stores them.

MP3 Skype will provide you with more effective recording with no agitation. But comes in two different types; the free trial version for people who want to first test it and get an idea on how it works; (its limited though) and the Pro Edition version which is not free, it requires payment first to start using it.  So if you want to enjoy all the privileges MP3 has, I suggest you upgrade now. That said, it is free to download and installs freely. You can just set its destination folder on the desktop after Skype will ask you to authorize the software to be able to use it.

Features of Mp3 Skype

  • With MP3 Skype recorder software, you can trace concurrent calls and also save them separately on your desktop.
  • It is free for private and can be used to record SkypeOut calls, P2P and also calls made to your online number
  • There’s nothing more than a Skype call Recorder that comes with automatic or manual qualities to great help if you don’t want to use automatic. You are not in mood of recording that Skype call sometimes; this is when manual capabilities come to your rescue.


  • Installation is as easy as downloading the program
  • You don’t have to start it, it starts automatically
  • Call details are always recorded as well as audio conversations
  • It saves Skype call recordings in MP£ files


  • It has many ads which annoys its users
  • Audio recording are usually not audible or clear enough.
  • It has no warnings or any sound to alert you when you are about to start recording.


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