Pamela for Skype Review

Pamela for Skype Review


Pamela for Skype is the software which enables you to record Skype video calls for free. It is very simple to use and will let you record video calls in the high quality formats.  The program requires low processor to install software and its installer is no different from than the installer for any other app.  It should be very flexible to help you record your Skype conversations easily.  Pamela will automatically begin to record as soon as you make a Skype video call once it has been granted access to Skype. A Pamela toolbar will become visible and it will be in position to let you know that the call is currently recording.

Furthermore, with Pamela you have got covered with professional functions such as; disabling call recording warning as well as sounds during a call with Emotion Sound Player, adding texts after the call.

However, there is a limitation with Pamela Basic which only allows 15minutes audio recording and 5 minutes for video. So if you want to enjoy the interesting features and put a stop on the limitation, all you need is to purchase for the premium one.


Features of Pamela

  • It ensures email forwarding, memos and add on notes after ending your Skype call.


  • You can record in different formats like; MP3 or WAV audio formats.


  • Pamela allows you to record any type of Skype call such as Audio and Video which makes it different from the other softwares that don’t record videos.


  • Pamela gives you the freedom to do whatever you what at your convenience when you are away from your computer knowing it will send automatic chat reply to your contacts. So you won’t have to rush to get back to your desk.


  • Pamela supports windows 8 and it has a very simple interface to conduct.


  • Pamela gives you the power of disabling call recording warnings every time you are going to make a call, we all know those warnings can get irritating sometimes. So you can help yourself to turn them off.



  • Pamela is good at multitasking; it can record Skype Call Recording, Skype Chat Recording and Skype Video Recording.


  • It gives you permission to have your recording in WMA, OGG, MP3 or WAV format depending on what you want.


  • Free Skype Extra application


  • There is an option of writing short notes in the process of a call or adding them after.


  • Pamela has automatic call recording for both outing going and incoming.


  • The Pamela premium version is expensive.

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