Supertintin Skype Recorder is lightweight Skype recording software that is compatible with windows. It is a program used to record both your video and audio Skype conversations. You can record anything with Supertintin and even still get the chance to watch them later in your free time because after recording they will definitely be stored on your desktop. Literally, it won’t let you regret since every possibilities you have thought of in a recording tool, it has. However, Supertintin has a paid version besides the trial version which allows you to have a test of it before you make decisions. The Premium version will offer all the flashy things you want without any restrictions attached for example having unlimited calls anytime you feel like etc.

Supertintin layout will not stress you in any way since it is direct and it will show information about the active streams found on Skype like remote stream, local and namely audio. You will find it really user friendly in that even new users can operate it. In addition, it is also possible to make this software run at windows start-up and can be hidden while recording your Skype calls giving you a chance to do other stuff on the internet, let’s say you have an assignment you are working on but still you want to record conversations or watch videos. Lastly, if something is of great utility like Supertintin, then why not go for it.

Below, I would want to line-up some of the good and not so bad things about Supertintin.


  • Supertintin is easy to download and install, even with basic hardware, it will be flexible to work with.
  • Playing back your recordings got easier with Suppertintin. You can play them whenever.
  • Both video and audio Skype conversations are recorded in super high quality
  • Records both video and audio.
  • It allows to record in different files such as Side-by-Side, Picture-in-Picture and remote-Only etc.
  • All Skype calls can easily save be saved on HD


  • It occasionally hangs when recording Skype video calls.
  • With the free trial version, don’t expect much as it only records for just 5minutes
  • Its option to video test the company is not always accepted when you attempt to do so.
  • Recording Skype calls in formats is not automatic, it is manual.

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